Can the Eagles win the Super Bowl?

Brent+CelekI’m not sure why Philadelphia fans think the Eagles can win a Super Bowl. Is their offense really that great that they can outscore all their opponents? Can their defense make big plays when necessary? Is their defensive backfield good enough to stop anyone?

It didn’t look like the Eagles could beat anyone after that disastrous first half against the lowly inept Jacksonville Jaguars. But a season can not be judged after one game or even one half. Some questions that have to answered are can Nick Foles be a franchise quarterback or will he resort to the way he looked against Jacksonville last week or the way he played against Dallas in his first start last year? Will Foles hold on to the ball too long and not be able to find the open guy?

Foles is not the only problem. The defense still needs much work. Can the Eagles cornerbacks cover top rated receivers? Can the front four get enough pressure on the quarterback? Are the linebackers quick enough to cover both the run and pass?

With all this being said, I think the two main questions that remain about the Eagles being Super Bowl contenders this year are:

1. Can Foles really carry this team into the playoffs and, maybe, even a Super Bowl?

2. Is the Eagles defense good enough to stop the elite teams who can score just as many points as everyone thinks the Eagles can?

Comment and let me know what you think?